Due to COVID-19 we are moving the Joint Heirs class online so we can continue to connect, care for one-another, and move through 1 & 2 Kings let by Tom Boyer.

The schedule

Class will begin at 11:00 am just like normal. We will begin with our time of sharing prayer requests and then Tom Boyer will lead us through 1 & 2 Kings - your questions and all.

Just like when we are meeting in person, we encourage you to arrive a bit early so that you can 'find your place' and be ready to start promptly at 11 (OK ... maybe a minute or two after ... just to stay consistant with our on-site shedule.

How to connect

We will be using the Zoom video conferencing system. This will allow you to not only hear Tom but also see him. It will also allow you to see the prayer requests as people share them as well.

You can use any device to participate in the class - phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer. The way you get connected is different for mobile devices than laptop/desktop computers. Below are instructions for the different systems. Click on the tab for the type of device that you are using to connect with the class.

IMPORTANT! - it can take 5-10 minutes to get your system set-up to participate the first time you join us. If you have never used Zoom before, please plan to start the process at least 15 min. before the class begins so you have time to get through all the steps.