If you would like to have each new recording automatically downloaded to your mobile device so you can listen wherever you are, and always have the latest lessons, you can access our lessons using most Dedicated Podcast App players (not iHeart or Spotify or Pandora, etc.).

NOTE: This is a bit 'technical' to set-up on some devices; however, once you have it set-up all you have to do is listen to the lessons you wish to listen - no more 'techy stuff' after the initial set-up.

General Instructions

These instructions are 'generic' and apply to any podcast player that allows you to add manual/private podcasts via RSS feed. If you're not sure about that, check out the Specific Instructions below.

  1. Open your podcast player on your device
  2. Open the New Podcast area
  3. Select the option to add with an RSS feed (it might have an icon like this: RSS)
  4. In the RSS feed URL area enter: https://bbcjointheirs.org/rss
  5. If there is option for 'private feed' select that
  6. Save/Add the podcast

That should do it. You will now just need to locate the podcast in your list of podcasts, open and refresh the podcast stream and you should have all of the Joint Heirs current sessions.

Specific Instructions

Each podcast app is different in how you add a new podcast via an RSS feed. However, we've found one page that provides instructions for a number of podcast players which allow adding podcasts via RSS. We don't endorse everything on the transistor.fm site; however, this page of instructions may help you get the Joint Heirs podcast on your device. You can find the instructions here: https://transistor.fm/add-podcast

Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, iTunes?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make the Joint Heirs recordings available through these other sites. If you want to listen on your mobile device as a podcast you will need to use a player that supports adding podcasts directly via RSS feed as indicated above.

Having problems?

If you are having problems getting the rss feed to work you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will TRY to help you. Please be aware that this is done by volunteers and, as indicated above, it will only work with specific podcast players.